31 Aug – 02 Sep 2016: 12th International Symposium on Integrated Ship’s Information Systems & Maritime Traffic Engineering Conference

„Integrated Ship’s Information Systems“ are recognized to be effective means in order to enhance safety and efficiency of the maritime traffic system. They are used e.g. onboard of ships, at vessel traffic as well as fleet service centers to analyze situations, improve awareness, support decision making up to management processes. Focus of the conference is on approaches and solutions ensuring the proper provision and utilization of such information. In this context of practical experiences, using new information systems will also be discussed taking into account the role and the needs of humans in an environment with increasing load of information. In addition the conference will also provide up-to-date information about ongoing activities, project results and applications related to information systems and their harmonization within the e-navigation period aged 12 years. Furthermore ISIS is also an excellent platform to present advanced approaches for GREEN NAVIGATION and UNMANNED SHIPS as well as for further future concepts.

The Symposium will focus on:

  • Sea Survey Technologies and Challenges
  • Technology and training – Supporting the Mariner
  • Infrastructure – Critical BRM and Safety Concepts
  • Safe Navigation in Port Entrances
  • Improved reliability, resilience and integrity of navigational information
  •  Autonomous Ship Technologies

Authors are invited to submit papers on any of the main topics for consideration by the Programme Committee till 15th April 2016. The Conference Programme and Registration Form will be published a few months prior to the event on the Website.