CBA, Risk and Legal Assessment – MUNIN D9.3 released

The report D9.3: Quantitative Assessment contains the results of the in-depth qualitative and quantitative analysis of the concept of an autonomous vessel as developed in the MUNIN project. It covers three dimensions: safety and security impacts, economic impacts and applicable areas of law.

The results from the analysis show that for the foundering and collision scenarios the MUNIN ship has a lower risk than a conventional vessel. This report also includes a short assessment of propulsion and steering reliability which together with foundering and collision arguably are the most critical events that can be expected.

Regarding the costs, the MUNIN bulker is found to improve the expected present value by mUSD 7 over a 25-year period compared to a reference manned bulker in the base scenario. However, it must be noted that the analyses is still associated with a high level of uncertainty due to the early stage of the concept development.

You can download the MUNIN deliverable D9.3 here or find it in the section MUNIN Deliverables.